About Us


In the mid-1960s, a few people in this area (roughly bounded by the City of Denison, the northern part of Starr Road, Choctaw Creek, and the City of Sherman) of Grayson County recognized the need for a rural water supplier.  A group of approximately 100 people went to the FHA to enquire about how to set up a rural water system.  Just a few years later, in February, 1969, Starr Water Supply Corporation began operation with one well.  The system has continued to grow through the years, as more residents have joined the system, and as new housing has been constructed.  The system now has six wells, over 100 miles of pipeline, and provides water to over 900 homes.  The system serves approximately 2,800 people within an area of about 35 square miles.

At Starr Water Supply Corporation, our goal is to provide safe, clean water to all of our residents! It has taken many years and hard work to get our water system to the place it is today.  We Hope you take as much pride in your water system as we do.

Chuck Dodd

General Manager

Well # 5 Water Tower